Friday, June 9, 2017

Planetary movement for this summer - eclipses

If you like eclipses, you are in for a great summer. There are Solar Eclipses on July 1 and 30 and a Lunar Eclipse on the 16th. Because Solar Eclipses can have an effect for up to three months prior to their occurrence, and Lunar Eclipses for up to six weeks, we begin our analysis of this summer's eclipses now, a few weeks in advance of their occurrence.

As usual, I advise that major decisions be put off for one week following an eclipse. Eclipses hide information that we need. In the days after an eclipse, this information comes out from behind the shadow of the eclipse and into the light. Johndro would say that eclipses only bring to awareness matters that were present before their occurrence. There is no reason for us not to see these matters clearly prior to the eclipse, except for our own refusal to face the facts; the eclipse merely makes us face situations by the force of its energy.

Decisions and projects begun on the day of an eclipse are especially fated. The Mexican Emperor Santa Anna signed a peace treaty with Texan settlers during an eclipse and then invaded the territory. He was subsequently defeated at the battle of San Jacinto, a most unlikely event given that his Napoleonic-style army of five thousand faced only a few thousand disorganized settlers.

Matters that occur in the week after the eclipse are particularly important. However, the uncertain and fated quality is not present.

These rules apply to birthdays, too. A birthday in the week before an eclipse indicates that the year will not work out as intended. I knew two women who had Solar Eclipses fall on their birthdays. Both suddenly married and moved, one going to Taiwan. Neither union lasted. The Italian dictator Mussolini fell from power in the year in which his birthday was eclipsed.

July marks the time when the tone of the eclipses begins to shift. After a couple of years of eclipses occurring in fixed signs, they are now shifting into the cardinal Cancer-Capricorn axis. This will sway the energy and the headlines away from the hot spots of the last couple of years. The upcoming Solar Eclipses are at 10° Cancer and 8° Leo. The Lunar Eclipse is at 24° Capricorn.

There are some fixed points in space that give a strong flavor to any body that touches it. The first of these Solar Eclipses is at one of these areas. The Heliocentric North Node of Jupiter is at 10° Cancer, and it does confer the qualities of Jupiter. People with planets located there, such as Mike Milken and Leona Helmsley, are ambitious and expansive.

The invariable plane, discovered by the French astronomer LaPlaice, runs in the 13°-14° Capricorn axis. This plane is created by the total effect of the angular momentum of all of the planets. We know that the planets have an angle or inclination (a tilt) in relation to the ecliptic. The invariable plane is unique in that the inclination of the planets to it does not change, except periodically--that is, it oscillates around an average. I find that planets around these degrees tend to put the person between opposing forces.

If we scan the key degree areas in the horoscopes of major countries, we find that the U.S. chart (Declaration of Independence) has the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Libra near these fixed and powerful degree areas. In the chart set for the restoration of Japanese imperial authority on January 3, 1868, we find the Sun at 12° Capricorn, Mars at 12° Capricorn, Uranus at 11° Cancer, and the Moon and Neptune at 11°-12° Aries. Note how all the planets tie into the fixed degree areas. The 1922 chart for the USSR has the Sun at 8° Capricorn and Pluto at 10° Cancer. Both the United Nations and the EEC started up in early January with the Sun at the same degree in Capricorn. Many other international charts also have planets at these degrees. The Eclipse at 10° Cancer will ignite these charts. Thus, we will see new players on the world stage. The United States is likely to be at the center of another international crisis. The UN and EEC are pulled in. It could be that the former USSR experiences yet another crisis that pulls in the major powers.

The July 1 Solar Eclipse will be conjunct the national Suns of Venezuela and Columbia, separating by 2° degrees. So it will mark important though not critical years in those countries. The story is different further south.

The Eclipse is directly on the Sun of Argentine President Menem, opposing his Saturn. His position of power will be challenged. The August Pluto station will be on Neptune in opposition to Mars. Uranus opposes the national Mars. The nearness of the Eclipse to Menem's Sun is the key and assures that he will experience a fated and powerful year. A national crisis will likely force him from power.

We will continue our look at the eclipses next month.

The New Moon occurs on the 2nd at 7:14 A.M. E.S.T. The lunation is at 12° Gemini directly opposite Pluto and Chiron and in hard aspect to the Node. People tend to rely more on force and intimidation. Communications take on an ominous tone. Custody cases become very difficult. Teacher-student relations can be misused. Control becomes more important than teaching. On another level, breakthroughs in biotechnology and healing are possible.

The Full Moon occurs on the 16th at 5:27 P.M. E.S.T., energizing 26° Sagittarius. It opposes Venus and lies on the Jupiter-Node midpoint. Communications are easier because people are inclined to be more agreeable. Governments and people in power positions tend to be more generous. There may be news of government give-away programs that are seen as too costly.