Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Monthly Horoscopes February 2017

The Sun starts off in your travel angle in February, then moves into your career angle. Stress-free breaks prove alluring during the first half of the month, and if you're not jetting off to an exotic locale, you'll be stretching your mental horizons by exploring new ideas and zeroing in on long-range plans. Once Mars bursts into your birth sign on the 17th and the Sun rises to the zenith of your chart, your public and professional life enters a vital new cycle, and ambition is the name of the game. Endeavors you initiated as long ago as last February are finally paying off, and events near the 28th are the icing on the cake. 


Your life takes a surprising turn as your birth month unfolds. Be ready to scrap old agendas, because careerrelated developments near the 3rd shed a completely fresh light on your prospects and direction. You may be feeling a bit off balance and nonplussed, but with lucky Jupiter speeding forward in Scorpio, new offers and opportunities are too good to pass up. In fact, planetary shifts going on this month are likely to put a new spin on everything. Mars's entrance into Gemini on the 17th lifts your concerns about a property or domestic issue, and Venus's about-face in Capricorn brings a romantic conundrum to a happy conclusion.

You've always been a nonconformist, but under Uranus's influence you've finally summoned the courage to become an outright maverick. However, as Mercury turns backward in Pisces on the 2nd, you'll find that your controversial new plans and schemes need patient refining before you attempt to spring them on colleagues and partners. Two eclipses occurring this month are likely to make everyone jittery and self-protective. Put out feelers, and don't force the pace. Planetary aspects between the 11th and the 17th are particularly volatile, but by the 25th, you'll be perfectly positioned for a life-altering change or move. 

You may be feeling scattered and moody this month, but if mini crises crop up near the 8th, the 13th and the 25th, they won't be anything you can't handle. In fact, you've recently entered a productive new cycle, and the emotionally draining events of the last two years are completely over. With Saturn turning direct in the creative sign of Leo on the 5th, an artistic or entrepreneurial venture will begin to firm up. Focus on pouring your energy into projects that stir your passions and reject your pioneering spirit. The New Moon of the 27th emphasizes financial fact facing -- so be ready to trim extravagances and downsize. 

New plans and career-related projects are shaping up nicely as February kicks off. With Venus in the most sociable angle of your chart, your warmth and affability are among your most powerful assets, drawing support and goodwill your way. Financial negotiations may turn tense near the 8th and the 18th, but your desire to win will strengthen your position and convince others that you're more than a charming lightweight. A splendid trine between Venus and Jupiter near the 20th points to promising liaisons and favorable agreements. Lifestyle changes are also in the wind, and the New Moon of the 27th is a time of personal discovery.  

You've got high hopes this month, and you're determined to get a better grip on dangling details and unresolved issues, especially on the financial front. But with Mercury moving backward from the 4th to the 29th, promising new arrangements are likely to become mired in a frustrating limbo. Don't slip into a moody sulk or start imagining that others are trying to avoid or betray you. As long as you remain focused, all the bits and pieces will come tidily together by month's end. In fact, Jupiter's direct motion on the 6th indicates that you're on the cutting edge of a successful new phase, and aspects near the 27th indicate satisfying outcomes and personal victories.  

Explore and experiment this month, and don't be dismayed if you can't get everything right on the first try. You're taking risks and testing your options, so be content to learn as you go. Above all, don't let little doubts gnaw away at your confidence when your carefully laid plans go seriously awry on the 7th, the 9th and the 21st. Every upset will be followed by a breakthrough, and whatever occurs near the 18th, 22nd and 29th should convince you that you're wonderfully on track. Mars in Virgo indicates that a bit of self-pampering is mandatory for your health and well-being in February, especially after the New Moon of the 23rd.  

Stay centered this month. You may be feeling tremendously stirred up — after all, it is your birthday — but rapidly changing conditions seem designed to pump up your hopes one day and then dash them the next. What else can you expect, with Jupiter and Saturn aspecting numerous planets in your birth sign? Throw delusive Neptune into the brew and this month's astrological cocktail also seems designed to test your powers of perception and ability to separate fact from fiction. As long as you lead with your head and not your impetuous heart, you'll soon steer your way into smooth new waters.  

With Saturn in Leo, joint finances and monetary arrangements have been a source of anxiety for many Capricorns, and this month you're determined to settle disputes and achieve closure. Unfortunately, as ready and willing as you may be, complete resolution isn't likely to be reached before February's end. Breakthroughs near the 7th, 18th and 22nd, however, promise to lift those looming clouds and set the stage for more favorable outcomes. And with the Sun entering the sign of Virgo on the 23rd, cares slip away as you hie off to an exotic port of call or turn your attention toward some exhilarating plans for the future.  

You're in a cut-to-the-chase state of mind as February kicks in. But slow your racing pulse, because whatever's going on during the first three weeks of the month isn't conducive to action and results. The Sun in Leo indicates that matters occurring at a distance are having a distracting influence on your affairs, and at the same time, colleagues and associates appear to be blowing hot and cold. Pursue your own ends as best you can, and be prepared to venture out on a limb. With the New Moon of the 23rd illuminating the most public angle of your chart, you're perfectly positioned to launch a new project and take the world by storm.  

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