Monday, February 20, 2017

Yearly astrology forecast for Gemini

After the past 2 years of feeling on hold your life is about to make significant changes that could alter your life course. Your innate flexibility and curiosity with new ideas will definitely serve you well this year. You are about to give birth to a new direction which could very well include a partner from love to business.
You had been in a state of incubation which might have felt more like you have been in an emotional prison since 2016 but finally the labor pains to bring the emergence of a new life is beginning this Spring. 


Therefore you might begin to feel the benefits of any past therapy, or your time of aloneness and solitude this year. You may actually like being more alone rather than frantically trying to maintain the old life style that no longer serves you. You are at the end of the change and a new life awaits you. The feelings of stuckness are ending and a new set of challenges is around of corner but these new challenges goes with the territory of any new endeavor and are usually accepted as well as welcomed.

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